It is understandable that after weeks, months and even years of planning for the big day, a bride and groom will want to capture every single moment of their wedding. Booking a photographer is normally high priority on the to-do-list but while a great photographer can take some stunning shots, photos are only ever representative of select moments in time. They may tell a story, but no matter how great the camera or its operator, they never tell the full story. ??So lengthy is the process of the planning, the day of the wedding will seem to whizz by in comparison. Surrounded by friends and family wanting to engage in conversation and bestow their congratulations and best wishes while checking out the new ring, much of the day will seem to be a whirlwind. Add to this the photo shoot, dinner, cake cutting, speeches, tossing of the bridal bouquet and the first dance among other things, and there is a lot to get through. It is easy to see how a bride and groom may find it hard to take it all in.??Still in a state of wondrous disbelief that the well-awaited “I Do’s” have come and gone, and with so much going on around them, the recently pronounced newlyweds often miss out on the smaller details of their wedding. These may seem insignificant at the time but being able to look back on them will often grow in importance as the years go by. The antics involved with getting a four year old flower girl to walk down the aisle, a grandmother singing as she cradles a baby or an elderly uncle trying to dance gangham style, are just a few of little details that unless caught on video, can not possibly be truly reflected in a photograph. While a photo may capture a glimpse of the action and take pride of place over the mantelpiece, you can never hit replay. Being able to watch and laugh, see some of things you might of missed, remember the bits you have forgotten and cry once again over the vows, will be even more poignant later on in life. ??Unfortunately it is a sad yet unavoidable fact that memories become weaker with age and accounts of times gone by get distorted. While this time may still be many moons away, a beautiful wedding film will always be there as a timeless reminder of your special day. ??Photos, by all means, are an absolute must at any wedding celebration, but to truly complement the memories, a video is a wonderful keepsake for all the family including the generations yet to come.

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