You would be inclined to think that the advantages of a wedding video would be obvious. So how come many couples don’t even give it a thought? Very often the answer is the budget, couples choosing to cut back on the video because they have the photos and believing that the money will be better spent elsewhere. Forsaking the opportunity to have a film of the wedding and opting to spend on more flowers or a bigger-than-necessary wedding cake, is more misguided money management than anything else. Much more than a mere luxury, a wedding video is a life long investment and no more extravagant than a DVD of hundreds of photos. ??Couples who have recently exchanged rings and committed themselves to one another until ‘death us do part’, suddenly find themselves in a post-wedding period that is inundated with photos. Depending on budget, sifting through wedding photos is time consuming and can ultimately result in being more costly than first though. With literally thousands of photos to go through and many repeats of the same pose with only a single difference between them, the task is a mighty one. So many couples find the choice so overwhelming they often come away with far more than they really wanted or have the budget to buy. ??A wedding video can help ease this issue. Capturing everything from the arrival of the make-up artist to the last dance of the evening, a video of the wedding is a beautiful amalgamation of the all the photos. Having it all on film allows a wedding couple to choose their photos without feeling that they might regret not purchasing all of them.

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